It's that time of year again!

School Pictures are happening, and we are thrilled to spend a quality minute with so many students across the region.  

We're going paperless, so check your email for your direct link to your student's gallery.

Combine orders from different schools in LPOSD. Yay!

Welcome back!

All-Star Photo is committed to providing an excellent product and customer experience.
Students enjoy our friendly interaction, and we hope to build their esteem with the picture process. 
Parents can securely and confidently order their favorite images from the online gallery.

Our Commitment 


Smiling faces photographed in 2021


Schools & Programs


Poses per student


to choose from

Sept 15 - Clark Fork Jr/Sr High School 
Sept 19-21 - Farmin-Stidwell Elementary School
Sept 22-23 - Sandpoint High School (ALL STUDENTS Grades 9-12)
Sept 26-27 - Washington Elementary School
Sept 29 - Lake Pend Oreille Alternative High School
Sept 30 - Hope Elementary School

Oct 3 - Southside Elementary School
Oct 4 - Sagle Elementary School
Oct 5 - Retakes @ Sandpoint High School
Oct 6 - Priest Lake Elementary School
Oct 6 - Cynthia's Preschool
Oct 7 - Retakes @ All-Star Photo (walk-ins welcome)
Oct 11 & 13 - Sandpoint Middle School
Oct 12 - Northside Elementary School
Oct 14 - Retakes @ Hope Elementary School
Oct 17 - Retakes @ Southside Elementary School
Oct 19-20 - Kootenai Elementary School

Nov 4 - Final Retakes @ All-Star Photo (walk-ins welcome)
Nov 6 - Final Batch Ordering Deadline, $6 shipping starts Nov 7th

Nov 14 - Final Deliveries to schools 

Picture Day

LPOSD 2022 Student picture day:

Students should brush teeth, comb hair, check shirt buttons, practicing smiling.

New Parents/students will fill out a quick info sheet (Student Name, School, Grade, Teacher, Parent Name, Parent Email) 

how to prepare:

Purchase if you love your photos.


Sandpoint Event Center
(second floor, through the arch)
102 Euclid Ave, Suite 200
Sandpoint, ID 

Time: 8am-4pm.

studio location:

  • Missed their original picture day
  • Had a rough morning on their picture day
  • Changed their style without a second opinion
  • Didn't know their "I don't want to smile" face looked that way
  • Went "through a tornado" on their way to school
  • Forgot it was picture day and looked "normal"

Any reason (I'd love to hear them) is good enough for me.  
Come get a new picture.

picture retakes are for students who:

Oct 7 - Retakes @ All-Star Photo (walk-ins welcome)
Oct 14 - Retakes @ Hope Elementary School
Oct 17 - Retakes @ Southside Elementary School
Nov 4 - Final Retakes @ All-Star Photo (walk-ins welcome)

A few schools have dedicated days 
for retakes at their school for their students.

retake dates:



About a week after picture day, student portraits will be uploaded to our proofing site. Parents will receive an email with a direct link to their secure gallery. 

>>  Choose your favorite photos
>>  Choose your favorite backgrounds
>>  Choose your print package and cool stuff
>>  Choose your digital files and download immediately

We are going paperless, which means no personalized order forms with access codes getting lost. Thank you for understanding!

online ordering

prints & digital files




Print Packages
Pkg A - Family Favorite                $32 
Pkg B - Hometown Special          $28 
Pkg C - Popular Choice                 $24 
Add Personalization to pkg           $4
(first name & current year)
Add Matching Digital to pkg     $10 

Mix n Match (4) 5x7s $30 
(mix poses, backgrounds & students)

Digital Files
Individual Download                     $20 
Download All per student           $45 
Retouching per image                   $12 

Prints & Gifts
8x10                  $12 
5x7                     $10 
2-4x5                 $12
4-3.5x5             $12
8-2.5x3.5         $12 
Magnet 4x5.   $10 
2 Magnets       $15
Button               $10 
Dog Tag             $10 
Keychain           $10

The most requested change from last year is for parents to have the ability to combine orders of multiple students in one shopping cart. That was possible but only if they were all in the same school. Many families have students in two or even three schools.

It is now possible (thanks to our software partner) to order for all your students in one cart regardless of which school they attend.  Yay!!!  The only problem you will have now is waiting for me to photograph the last school before you place your order. 

Important Dates:
1.  The coupon expiration for "free shipping" (to schools) is the first deadline to order based on our first anticipated delivery date a week later. The coupon date is two Sundays after picture day, so it may be different for each school.

2.  The final batch ordering deadline is for all schools and based on our final anticipated delivery date before Thanksgiving (if all goes well with print labs and shipping companies). 

The Wildcard:
All orders placed during the fall picture season will be sent to the print lab and then delivered to schools within "a few" weeks. I will be making multiple deliveries, but I ask that you please be patient. Schools distribute picture envelopes to students at their convenience. 

The final deadline for ordering is Nov 6th. Final delivery will be Nov 14th, in time for parent/teacher conferences. Orders placed on Nov 7th and later will automatically ship to home for $6 per order.

Ordering deadlines & Photo Delivery


I am Amy, your school photographer. I am delighted to work with your students again this year, even if only for a minute.

Some students have mastered the "yes" smile, but most students need a two-second warm-up.  That is about how long it takes to engage a student by name, lock eyes and smile together. By the end of the day, my cheeks are sore. Then I go to my computer to review images and catch myself smiling back all over again. What a blessing this career is!

A little bit about me...
I meant to finish college and be a high school history teacher, but a family medical situation changed my course. I then pursued ministry school and media production where I met my husband. He was the sound and video guy, and I was the photographer and newsletter manager. Nearly 20 years later, we have four brilliant children that we homeschool. We spent a couple years at Sandpoint Christian School where I also taught K-8th PE. That's where I learned to project my voice and inspire my students by doing things with them. 

"School Photographer" is the best of both worlds! I am constantly pushing my technical skills while also experiencing the joy of being in school. I still want to be a teacher when I grow up, so don't be surprised when I start teaching photography. It's on my bucket list in the near future!