Loryn & Tyler Spokane River Wedding

Spokane Wedding at a Little Spokane River Residence

At least once a year I get to shoot a wedding that I would have attended as a guest with my family but had the privilege to be the photographer. I would have sat in the eighth row on the bride’s side with my children and parents and enjoyed a very lovely ceremony in the late afternoon sun. I may have laughed with everyone during their witty handwritten vows and admired the scene of the bridal party in pastel yellow with their floral pops of color near the banks of the river. Certainly, I would have taken it all in and been satisfied as a guest and so happy for our cousin, Loryn, and her long time beau, Tyler. I’d help my kids dish up juicy burgers and dig ice cold drinks from the canoe. Then we’d find the table farthest away from breakables and mingle with some of the sweetest and hippest (that’s a word, right? like fun loving, hip/cool) relatives on the planet. Eventually, I’d get to hug Loryn and Tyler and wish them well, tell her how stunning she is in her white dress, and then dance with my husband under an open starry sky.

Ah, that’s nice… but who am I kidding? Ha Ha… You know I would have been watching the photographer the whole time! I’d be mapping out what I would have done and what I think they are shooting and thinking to myself how THIS WEDDING was the most PERFECT WEDDING EVER and should definitely be on my blog! I’d be a bit jealous, too. There is so much going on behind the scenes of a wedding day, and I wouldn’t want to miss a minute! Especially the first look. As the photographer, I have the exclusive access to witness and document a precious moment that really shows the groom’s heart toward his bride. Tyler… what a catch! Congratulations to Loryn for finding her perfect man who loves her the way she ought to be loved. And thank you!!! Thank you for inviting me to get a little more up close and intimate perspective on the first day of an incredible marriage!


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