Larissa & John – Coeur d’Alene Elopement

Larissa & John – Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho Elopement

Just a couple days before the year’s end, this pair of New Yorkers called me to be part of their whirlwind elopement guest list. John had just proposed, and Larissa had all the pieces of a winter wedding coming together in a matter of hours. The boardwalk in front of the Coeur d’Alene Resort was the first location idea, but when the weather forecast soon doted single digit temperatures and wind chill, lakefront plans were obviously not a good idea. A far better elopement venue was just up the hill at John’s mother’s home surrounded by snow covered pines (…snow covered everything).

I arrived just as the formalities were being arranged and a little bit of nerves, excitement and emotion was building. John’s mom welcomed me in the side door and showed me to the living room where I met the officiant, bride and groom. Larissa’s dad had flown in from the east coast to stand as a witness and give her away in marriage. The ceremony was to be at the arbor out front and down the path that had been cleared of a couple feet of snow. Brrr! I think we were only outside for ten minutes, but my fingers were numb. We had a few minutes to warm up afterward while Larissa’s mom (sick with a cold and unable to travel) was phoned, and then we took some pictures off the back deck and by the Christmas tree. That’s it. In one hour, I met a handful of great people, witnessed a beautiful start to a John and Larissa’s marriage, and wished them well.

As I have been getting to know Larissa since then, through emails and reading her blog, I can see how their story was well represented in their choices for this big day. Larissa is a writer, and I absolutely loved reading about her first meeting John and their story all the way up his proposal and their wedding. Discover Larissa’s blog HERE.

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Wedding Officiant: Dave Cavanaugh – Joyous Vows

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